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Redeem your prizes instantly online or save them up to spend on a bigger purchase at your golf club or one of our retail partners.



It's Challenging, Fun and Rewarding for all level of golfers!

The goal of most amateur golfers is to improve their handicap and we believe that when you achieve this goal you should be rewarded.

We designed Caddie Challenge to recognise the hours spent on the driving ranges and putting greens by amateur golfers all across Australia in the attempt to lower their handicaps.

Caddie Challenge sets golfers the Challenge to improve their game by offering GUARANTEED PRIZES for all competitors no matter what any other golfer in your comp or around Australia scores.

Add a bit of excitement to your next comp round and reward yourself for improving your game and the prizes you win could buy you an upgrade to a new set of clubs.



Kerryn C

"I am enjoying playing Caddie Challenge, it adds another incentive to play well"

Edmund T

"I enjoy playing the game, regardless of the results in any round and by playing Caddie Challenge it's just an added bonus if I play a good round"

Mark B

"Playing Caddie Challenge helps me focus on my round despite what the rest of the field is doing."


US Masters Comp Winner - Steve Donnelly

Congratulations to Steve Donnelly, our 2016 US Masters prize winner!

Steve has become a regular Caddie Challenge player

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Get the FREE App today!

It's now even easier to play and WIN with the Caddie Challenge App!

Download the Caddie Challenge App for iPhones fr

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You don't have to win the club comp to win your Caddie Challenge

"I’m winning great prizes without even winning my club comps”!

That was the message we received when Ca

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